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Off-Season Training – How to Train For The Next Training Season

Updated: Apr 7, 2020


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Off-Season Training - Why is it SO Important?

The off season is one of the most critical periods for a runner. This is usually the period immediately after a race or during the winter season for most runners. Winter is often a time to recover from the previous season and prepare for the next.

Here is a step wise method that you can use to be a better runner when the next season comes around.


All marathoners (Half / Full) need at least 3-4 weeks of recovery time and rest in order to bring their mind and body back to its healthy state after putting them under stress for the past few months whole racing and prepping for marathons. This time will help heal injuries and also prevent mental and physical burnout.


Use the off season as a time to focus on the basics again! You may have fallen off the wagon on some key training principles during your higher mileage weeks. Focus on areas of weakness like your glutes or hips with a strength trainer. Use this time to improve on your running form and cadence during your easy/slow runs. Follow a consistent training plan to maintain your fitness level.


The off-season is a good time to try a new nutrition plan. You can experiment with the help of a dietitian and see if you can find food combinations that increase your energy levels. You can also try out new recipes and find a whole new nutrition plan that will fuel your training sessions and make you a fitter runner.


This is a good time to focus on building strength. Target the often overlooked muscles of the core that runners rely on to avoid injury, run with good form and race to their potential. Focus on core exercises that encourage a good range of dynamic hip flexion. Dynamic hip mobility is a huge differentiator between elite runners and amateurs, so these exercises focus on maintaining that mobility.


Chalk up a new training plan. Your stamina and your body have changed owing to the past training sessions. You have a new level of fitness to achieve now and your timings and training modules need to change accordingly. Bring in a coach on board if you can to make your sessions more useful. Pick a specific set of big races that you want to run in the year and work your training plan leading up to those goals.

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Recommended 7 Day Off-Season Training Plan

  1. One long run – 16 – 18km (Marathoner) / 10 – 12 (Half Marathoner)

  2. Two medium- 10 – 12 (Marathoner) / 8 – 10 (Half Marathoner)


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