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Where Runners Outperform

Not Your Ordinary Run Club


Personalized Coaching Plan

Training programs are customized to suit your goal needs


Achieve Personal Goals

Whether your goal is to just complete a specific distance, or to run the best race you can, we can help you achieve your personal goals.  Our programs are specifically designed to suit the needs of all runners; beginners to Boston qualifiers.


Improved Performance

With guided training plans, and runs, runners who complete the entire program will see an increase in their performance; whether it's increased in race time, or just feeling stronger after a race.

Learn How To Run Injury Free

Running is one of the easiest and simplest sports to practice. Like any sport, it’s possible to get injured. With any of the Alphas programs, runners will learn; how to slowly build distance and frequency to avoid common overuse injuries and burnout; the importance of a warm up and cool down; sufficient rest to allow your body to recover and to build without injury; and much more.

Meet Other Great Runners

With our group runs scheduled several times per week, provides a great opportunity for runners to know people with similar interests and goals. Group runs provide motivation boost, safety, improved performance, and a sense of community.



5K / 10K / Half Marathon / Marathon


This 8-16-Week Program is perfect for someone who has completed a number of 1/2 Marathon and Full Marathon races, but want to achieve a specific goal time (under 2:15 (hh:mm) for the 1/2 Marathon distance and under 4:30 (hh:mm) for the Marathon distance). The program focuses on proper pacing to achieve a goal time.

Advanced | Elite

5K / 10k / Half Marathon / Marathon


This 8-16-Week Advanced programs is geared for runners who have been consistently running either a 1/2 Marathon or Marathon distance with personal highs, and want to push themselves to ultimate achievement using a structured program and coaching.  This program is suited for anyone wanting to achieve race times of 1:45 and under (1/2 Marathon) and 3:45 and under (Marathon).  

Virtual | Online Coaching

5K / 10K / Half Marathon / Marathon


Our virtual | online coaching programs are ideal for people who wish to take a training program at their own pace and time. The programs include different distances (5k, 10k, 10 Miler, 30k or 50k) and runners receive a customized training plan to suit their goal race. Training plans range from 8 weeks to 20 weeks, depending on the training level and effort.

Runners can also join in our group runs whenever possible and participate in all seminars, newsletters, etc., offered by the club.