Thinking of joining Alphas Run Crew but need some more convincing? Here what some of our members have had to say:

Stephen C, Stouville, ON

This group is full of supportive runners from all levels; all of whom encourage each other to achieve their individual goals.

Michelle N, Markam, ON

Whether you want to run for fun, for fitness or to reach a competitive goal, the training from Alphas will get you there.

Judy M, Markham, ON

Being a member of the Alphas Run Club has been a rewarding personal experience.  I have really improved my running and accomplished more that I ever imagined.

Joseph C, Toronto, ON

The coaching, program and the people enabled me to head into the race with confidence to achieve my desired time.

Eileen C, Markham, ON

Through a variety of purposeful and progressive workouts, not only have the programs elevated our physical abilities, but also boosted our beliefs and confidence. 

Hans D, Markham, ON

Joining the Alphas Run Club was the shot in the arm I needed for getting me to the next level in marathon racing.

Rachael W, Markham, ON

With the Alphas I have developed friendships with a great group of like-minded runners who support and encourage you every step of the way. Goals may be achievable but Toussaint turns dreams into reality!

Teresa H, Markham, ON

The club is made up of some amazing runners that help and support each other. The program is intense and designed to make you a better and stronger runner.

Benson L, Toronto, ON

There were enough runners that it was easy to find someone who could run at my pace. The program was challenging, and I was well prepared for my race.

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